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Welcome to the republic

We are a professional rabbit farming company with a farmer base of over 500 farmers country wide. We offer nutritious rabbit meat and competent market consultancy services for both individual or group farmers in Kenya and East Africa.

So what's our mission?

The republic aims at being the biggest provider of rabbit farming support services in Africa and to be the preferred consultant in rabbit farming among the youth and women not only in Kenya but in the larger East Africa region.

Hey, don't just sit there...

CALL US TODAY and our team shall walk with you , train you, empower you to turn your farming business enterprise into a stronger, profitable and competetive entity. Our timely and quality services will ensure you meet the existing market demand!

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Rabbit Republic is your one stop solution to Commercial Rabbit Farming!

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Our main objective is to promote rabbit farming, research, training and information dissemination and to carry out development activities concerning Rabbit Farming in Kenya and accross East Africa.

Working with Rabbit Republic was absolutely amazing. My backyard rabbit farm is now profitable!
I didn't really like farming at all. However, when I met with Rabbit Republic, things changed! I now own 50 rabbits and counting...
These guys are true experts. I buy rabbits from them, rear them and then sell the meat back to them and get paid handsomely ... how simple can it be?
That's what she said!